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The team at Comfort Hill Kennel in Vergennes is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

Pet Boarding

At Comfort Hill Kennel, we treat each dog and cat as a member of our extended family. Each pet's individual needs are taken into consideration with every decision we make in regards to care. Whether your pet needs an extra snuggle before we leave for the night or daily medication, you can rest assured their needs are being met.

Our state of the art laminate enclosures is designed to provide comfort and privacy for your dog. Each of our spacious suites comes complete with soft, comfortable bedding and you are always welcome to bring in your pet’s favorite blanket or pillow. In addition, we take our canine guests outside three or more times a day to socialize. There’s lots of room outdoors to frolic and play with new friends.

For our feline friends, we provide a private cat room, separate from the dog suites. Each cat has its own kennel with a private litter box area. Our kitty play area allows ample room to romp on multi-level cat trees with plenty of nooks and crannies for doing what cats do best – lounging and indulging in long afternoon naps.

Drop off and pick up times are 7AM-10AM and 3PM-6PM every day. 

Dog Daycare

Dog daycare at Comfort Hill Kennel is unique in that our knowledgeable staff takes the time to get to know your dog before placing it in a playgroup. Playgroups are based on size and energy level. All playgroups are monitored closely by our staff. Some dogs prefer the companionship of our staff to other dogs, and in this circumstance, we spend time playing with your dog one on one.

Drop off and pick up times are 7AM-10AM and 3PM-6PM every day. 

Dog Grooming

At Comfort Hill Kennel we believe bathing and grooming are essential for a healthy pet. That’s why we offer a full-service dog grooming salon with state of the art grooming tools and equipment.

Grooming consists of bathing, desired hair cut, brushing/blowing to remove dead hair, ear cleaning, nail trimming & grinding. Your pet will go home looking and feeling great.

Our professional groomers and brusher/bathers are all highly educated and able to provide your pet with the best possible grooming experience. All of our groomers have attended grooming school.

Dog Training

With our day training program, you can sign your pup up at drop off for one on one training sessions while they stay for daycare or boarding. We can practice good manners and life skills as well as addressing problem behaviors. 

 Private training sessions & behavioral consults are also available with our resident trainers Christine Blakeney and Nina Daniel.

Pet Supplies

We provide a fresh choice of top quality healthy pet food and pet supplies to meet the needs of local pet parents and their pets in the Vergennes area.

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