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Modern Science Based Dog Training

Comfort Hill Kennel is proud to offer 6 week recurring group Puppy Life Skills Classes. We also offer a Drop in Novice Level Agility class and a Drop in MultiLevel Rally Obedience Class.

With our day train program, you can sign your pup up at drop-off for one on one training sessions while they stay for daycare or boarding. We can practice good manners and life skills as well as addressing problem behaviors.

Private training sessions are available with our resident KPA trainer Nina Daniel. These sessions can include many options such as; basic skills and behavioral problems. Along with Canine Good Citizen, Agility, Rally, and Trick dog lessons. Call or email for private hours. 

See our calendar for class schedules, then sign up here. We will contact you with availability. 

Please let us know when making your boarding or daycare arrangements if you would like our trainers to work with your dog during their stay. Private consults are available by appointment only.

Puppy Life Skills Class

This is a class designed for Dogs 8 months and under. Our goal with this course is to give humans part of the Training Skills to support your puppies development for a lifetime. That meets all learning styles.

We will teach you fun games, and demos. The course will cover a brief understanding of how dogs learn and read dog language. The course will use behavioral science to help you acquire some skills listed below. 

  • Clicker/Marker training
  • Loose leash skills
  • Leave it
  • Sit & down with Duration
  • Recalls(coming when called)
  • Keeping 4 paws on the floor
  • What IS socialization? And effective ways to socialize your puppy.

Behavior Problem Solving

We use positive reinforcement to solve behavioral issues such as barking, digging, jumping up, biting, chewing, and other normal dog and puppy problems. Evaluations for more difficult problems are available, such as reactivity & fearfulness. 

Novice Agility Training

Agility is a great dog sport that can help in many ways. It can be just a fun event to do with your dog or can open a pathway to future competitions. 

  • Build confidence
  • Teach teamwork 
  • Enrich your dog's life

Our Training Styles

Clicker & Marker Training
What is Clicker/Marker Training?
“There are two sides to the click: what happens before and what happens after. What happens immediately before the click is a behavior the trainer would like to strengthen. What happens immediately after is an event the animal would like to strengthen, such as receiving food. The click unites these two desires.” -Alexandra Kurland

Positive Training
We use force free, non-coercive, reward based training that does not involve behavior suppression, but positive, cooperative solutions with our dogs.

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