Our state-of-the-art enclosures are designed to provide comfort and privacy for your dog. Each of our spacious enclosures is complete with soft, comfortable bedding and you are always welcome to bring in your pet’s favorite blanket or pillow.

For our feline friends we provide a private cat room, with a multi-level cat tree. In addition, each cat has its own kennel with a private litter box area. Our kitty play area allows ample room to romp with plenty of nooks and crannies for doing what cats do best – lounging and indulging in long afternoon naps.

Feel free to contact us to arrange for a tour of our facility the next time you’re looking for a home away from home for your special friend. 

Our facilities offer:
¨ Full air conditioning
¨ Radiant floor heat
¨ 40 pet-friendly enclosures measuring 4’ x 8’ each
¨ 40 cozy 4' x 4' enclosures for our smaller guests
¨ Large 7,200 sq. ft. outdoor play area
¨ 4500 sq. ft. Indoor training area